12 VOLT LED TV by Majestic leads the world with the latest in Technology

12 VOLT LED TV by Majestic leads the world with the latest in Technology

Most people look for a 12V LED TV thinking that they are all the same, well as technology has advanced, some companies are taking full advantage of this and giving the customer some really cool features. The Majestic L192DE 12 Volt LED TV is just one of these fantastic new products. Majestic was the worlds first company to make 12 Volt LED TV in 2000 since then they have grown to be the latest 12 Volt TV manufacturer exporting globally. The Majestic 12 Volt LED TV is perfect your caravan, bus, truck, boat, motorhome or RV is packed with features and functions the no other brand has on 12 Volt.

The new generation of Majestic 12 Volt LED TV's comes with some new features such as MMMI - which stands for Majestic Multi Media interface, this allows you to connect your phone or tablet which must be either Android or iOS based through the HDMI and then anything you do on the phone or tbalet will be displayed on the TV screen. So this is the perfect solution for those that download movies or music to their tablets or phones, simply connect up the TV via the HDMI Cable and watch all the movies on the larger screen.

The Majestic L192DE was developed with power consumption being an important factor for 12V operations. Working with RV and Boat manufacturers world wide, Majestic knows that a critical factor is power consumption. Most brands do not care about this as they believe consumers do not care. However Majestic knows that every extra Watt the TV uses is some form of energy cost to the end user, but more importantly in many situations domestic branded TVs draw so much power that over night they can flatten your battery system. Majestic's engineering team has made sure that the design of the TV only uses the power it needs to and therefore is ultra efficient. The Majestic L192DE LED TV draws 1.3Amps @ 12V or 15.6W of energy while watching TV. Now comparing this to a 100W Light bulb you can operate 6 Majestic 19" LED TVs' and use the same amount of energy, this ensures that you can watch TV of a night time and not worry if it will draw too much power from your batteries.

One Touch TV tuning, this is a special feature our engineering team have added to the TV's. This cool easy to use feature is designed for those travellers that are constantly moving from one location to another and then need to tune in the local TV stations. The Majestic TV remotes now have a "scan" button, so simply push this button and the TV will do a full scan for you. This means you no longer need to fumble around the software menu to remember how to re-tune the TV.

Majestic products are designed and developed in Australia and exported globally, with over 10 years experience Majestic stands by the quality our products by providing a 3 year worldwide warranty when registered online. Our engineering design team has paid attention to all the important details to ensure that when you purchase a product of this quality and calibre that you can enjoy many years of reliable performance in the toughest conditions where domestic brands will not survive.

So when it comes to buying the best 12 Volt LED TV on the market for your caravan, truck, bus, boat, motorhome or RV consider looking at the Majestic Range of TV and compare the features, you won't find another company that can do everything Majestic can in a 12 Volt TV, so you will be buying the best on the market.

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