12 Volt LED TV

12 Volt LED TV

With a huge selection of 12V LED TV's on the market it is hard to identify what is classified as good quality and what is really cheap. Our blog series will help to remove some mysteries about what is important to look for and how to get value for money. We will cover quality 12 Volt LED TVs, from various brands such as 12V LED TV by Majestic which are known internationally as the highest quality in 12 Volt LED TV’s, to RV media and others. So if you are looking for a TV for your Bus, Truck, Caravan or Boat, check out what we have to offer in 12V LED TV. If you can’t find what you are looking for, let our sales team know they will be more than happy to help you out.

Experience Happy Driving With a 12 Volt TV & DVD Player

Today, everyone wants to have a clear vision of the videos appearing on the television. The matter is of high definition quality, which cannot be compromised in any way. The speakers and TV come with a warranty. So, one may not expect any technical faults in the product. Read more...

Expert’s Top Picks: Best 12 Volt TV with DVD Players

Majestic 22” HD 12-volt LED TV with DVD player – It features MMMI for Android and iOS devices, ultra-low power, and USB. The built-in one-touch Global HD tuner supports operations in more than 150 countries. The appliance also comes with the latest technologies, such as ARC (audio return channel) and Majestic Link, a software that lets you control compatible devices connected via HDMI. Read more...
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