Lightforce 140 LED Enforcer Hand Held Cordless Spotlight - On Sale Now

Lightforce 140 LED Enforcer Hand Held Cordless Spotlight - On Sale Now

A handheld spotlight is something that we don't always think of, we mainly use hand held torches. However a good quality spotlight is something that once you have had it and used it you will never go back to the usual torch. Lightforce have a excellent selection of high quality Spoltlights, and now that LED bulbs are being used you can be assured not only on the quality and clarity of the beam but the lower power consumption.

The new Lightforce Enforcer 140mm LED handheld introduces Fresnel technology to the sporting market with a specially designed lens to produce a superior tight beam for maximum light output and performance. This new Red/White Enforcer incorporates red and white diode into a single handheld light, allowing for simple and easy switching between a red or white light, ideal for hunters seeking out those shy animals.

The Enforcer LED 140 handheld was created as a light to suit all manner of purposes.  While the Enforcer LED Fresnel is perfect for sporting venture, it is also the ideal companion for camping trips.  With an IP65 rating and GoreĀ® protective vent for protection from rain and dust, along with its lightweight polycarbornate build, the Enforcer 140 also suits the marine environment.

Lightweight and compact, the Enforcer LED 140mm features an internal internal battery providing four hours at full power, followed by one hour in power saving mode.  With the option to clip-on an external battery (BFEF) for an extended 18.5 hours of run-time, the Enforcer is one of the most flexiable and portable products on the market. Combined with a lightweight ergonomic grip and an inbuilt battery indicator the new LED Enforcer 140 is the ultimate accessory.

You can check out the Lightforce 140 LED Enforcer here

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