New Lightforce HTX2 Hybrid LED 4WD Driving Light

New Lightforce HTX2 Hybrid LED 4WD Driving Light

Have you been looking to get your hands on the latest Lightforce HTX2 4WD Driving light, then wait no longer. 

Here at 12 Volt Technology we have some on order for those customers that want to get their hands on the latest in technology in Driving Lights. The HTX2’s new, robust aluminium one-piece housing has been completely redesigned for better heat management using a precision engineered heatsink. This means the heat generated by the HID and LEDs is dissipated more effectively to maintain high performance for longer. The new housing has a slimmer profile, so it will fit more bull bars. That also means it is less likely to interfere with frontal crash avoidance systems that are increasingly common on modern vehicles.

The new heatsink is more aerodynamic, taking its design cues from the clean lines of other LED Driving Lights in the Lightforce family, like popular Genesis® LEDs, Venom® LEDs and Striker® LEDs. The UV-stabilised powdercoated black finish on the HTX2 housing is now applied to the aluminium surface after a pre-treatment process that ensures result is uniform and that it will not be affected by the elements. This results in a smooth, durable surface that will look great for life.

When it comes to lighting capability the Lightforce HTX2 is more efficient than the Phillips White Vision Xenon HID bulb. So you will get better brightness, more intense lighting and less power. The ring of twenty 5000K Lumileds® LEDs are mounted in a ring of finely tuned reflectors which produce better light spread than ever before, for a beam width of 1 lux at 112 metres. These are high-powered undomed LEDs that offer unmatched optical flexibility for precise beam angle control and colour consistency. Premium components ensure a pair of HTX2s deliver consistent output over their whole lifetime.

These lights come with a complete Harness adaptor, Spot Filter, reversible mounting hardware and easy to use instructions.

If you are looking for a great deal or want to get these as a wonderful gift for the man, then you have come to the right place.

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