Buy the New Fusion StereoActive Online at 12 Volt Technology

Buy the New Fusion StereoActive Online at 12 Volt Technology

Fusion has officially released the World's First purpose built Waterproof Stereo that is packed with cool features. The Fusion StereoActive was designed and engineered in New Zealand as a portable Marine Stereo with Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to Float.

The Fusion StereoActive has been designed for those that have an outdoor lifestyle and want to have music in their life. Simple bluetooth connectivity allows your phone to stream music for hours while you enjoy the great outdoors. Now normally you would be concerned on what to do with your mobile phone while you are out on the kayak, boat, bike, or even paddle board. Well Fusion has also designed a StereoActive safe as an optional extra, which is a waterproof container to safely and securely lock away your phone and keys so that you don't need to worry about that.

But this is just the beginning, the FusionStereo active has a special mounting kit the Fusion PUCK allows you to securely lock not only the safe but the StereoActive too. This means that everything can be securely mounted and not get lost in rough waters, fall off the bike or anything silly like that. However let's just say you did not purchase those extra options, and you had the Fusion StereoActive on your paddle board, and a mini freak wave hits you and washes the Stereo off your paddle board, no problem - it floats! Yes the Fusion StereoActive is IPx7 water resistant and floats.

The outside design of the Fusion StereoActive is impressive, but so the inside, packed with a Class-D amplifier screaming 40 Watts of power whilst running on high powered lithium ion cells which can provide upto 20 hours of use you know you will have hours of entertainment. 

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