Evakool 110 Litre Platinum Upright 12V Fridge Freezer Available Now

Evakool 110 Litre Platinum Upright 12V Fridge Freezer Available Now

When it comes to upright fridges, Evakool knows how to get develop it right for the Caravan and Marine market. The Evakool 110L Platinum upright fridge freezer has been designed by drawing on Evakool's years of experience and extensive knowledge of 12 volt refrigeration.  This single door fridge freezer is designed to provide maximum cooling capacity in our harsh Australian environment and is suitable for motor homes, caravans, boats and more! Evakool’s Platinum series delivers exceptional performance.

Packed with features such as self diagnostic fault system to let you know if there are any issues, Low Voltage protection so the Fridge does not draw too much current due to the low voltage and therefore causing failures, plus super easy to use controls.

Some the outstanding abilities of this fridge are that the compressor is a Secop PBC 2.5 (Formally Danfoss BD50) to ensure long term reliability, the Evakool 110L Platinum upright fridge comes with an external mounted condenser for improved performance and will operate on angles up to 30 degrees which is perfect for the Caravans and boats.

Internally the fridge has all the good stuff, reversible doors, magnetic door seal, interior light, wire shelves, Vegetable and fruit crisper, egg tray as just the beginning of the outstanding benefits of this fridge. To ensure it stays cool the fridge comes with 80mm thick insulated walls, plus reversible doors to ensure installation is super easy in almost any application.

Want to know more about this fridge check it out on 12volttechnology.com.au

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