Victron BMV700 Battery Monitor On Sale Now - 12 Volt Technology

Victron BMV700 Battery Monitor On Sale Now - 12 Volt Technology

One of the most common questions everyone asks is what voltage are my batteries at. Well that's a good question but certainly not the most important, the question about voltage is like asking what is the diameter of the fuel line from the fuel tank to my engine. Battery Voltage is only a small part of the electrical system, yes it is important to know, but the only reason people ask this is because they don't know other factors, such as how much current am I pulling out of the batteries, how long time wise before my batteries are flat, am I putting in more current than I am taking out, what is the largest consumer of my power, if I shut down certain items will I be able to extend my battery before it goes flat.

These questions can be easily answered using the Victron BMV700 Battery Monitor, the BMV700 Battery Monitor is a simple display that gives you the most important information as to what is happening with your electrical system, with this basic knowledge not only are you able to use less power but also gives your batteries a much longer life cycle as you are able to take more care of them. Just think if you didn't have a fuel gauge in your car and didn't know when you would run out of fuel, your batteries are exactly the same, the BMV700 lets you know before you run out of energy, and let's you know when the batteries are full and how much you are using and how long you have in time before you are out of energy.

The Victron Battery monitor BMV-700 is a high precision battery monitor with a fuel gauge type of display. The essential function of a battery monitor is to calculate ampere-hours consumed and the condition of the charge of the battery. Ampere-hours consumed are calculated by integrating the current flowing in or out of the battery.

One of the main advantages of the BMV700 is the ability to program up the unit to measure the voltage and temperature of a second battery.

The installation can be easily done by someone with electrical experience. All electrical connections go to the quick connect PCB on the current shunt. The shunt then connects to the the monitor with a standard RJ12 telephone cable. 

Included in the installation kit is a 10M RJ12 Cable, 2M Battery cable with fuse.

Standard features 
- Battery voltage, current, power, ampere-hours consumed and state of charge 
- Time to go at the current rate of discharge 
- Programmable visual and audible alarm 
- Programmable relay, to turn off non critical loads or to run a generator when needed. 
- 500 Amp quick connect shunt and connection kit 
- Shunt selection capability up to 10.000 Amps 
- VE.Direct communication port 
- Stores a wide range of historical events, which can be used to evaluate usage patterns and battery health 
- Wide input voltage range: 9,5 – 95 V 
- High current measurement resolution: 10 mA (0,01A) 
- Low current consumption: 2,9 Ah per month (4 mA) @12V and 2,2 Ah per month (3mA) @ 24V


The Victron BMV700 Battery Monitor is a perfect addition to your electrical system for your Truck, Bus, Motorhome, RV or Boat.


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