12 Volt Technology Offers Selection of 12 Volt LED TV's

12 Volt Technology Offers Selection of 12 Volt LED TV's

12 Volt Technology is known Australia wide for providing premium brand quality electronics. When it comes to 12 Volt TV, there is a huge selection of various options available, however making sure you are getting a quality unit that performs and gives you years of reliable service is just as important.

When you do your online research you will see 12 Volt Technology offers a range of Caravan TVs that are designed to handle the various outback conditions within Australia. Most of these Caravan TV brands are not known as they are not designed for the domestic environment, they are very specific for the harsh offroad conditions. When it comes to the Best of the Best Majestic TV's are known as the best 12 Volt TV on the market and they are recognised internationally and used by most major manufacturers worldwide.

With their engineering team that has an experience of 50 years, 12 Volt Technology focuses on serving its customers with "The Majestic 12 Volt LED TV are known internationally as the most reliable and highest quality due to their design which is specifically tailored for the mobile market including caravans, motorhomes, RVs and Boats all other brands of TV use the Majestic designs and features as a benchmark" as one of the sales team advises. Customers can get all these products through their online store http://www.12volttechnology.com.au.

Talking more about the Majestic TV, the Majestic L220DS draws 1.6 Amp @ 12V which is only 19.2 Watt of power while watching TV. The Majestic L220DS proves that clever design really can be energy efficient. When you compare this low power consumption of 12 Watts to an ordinary 100 Watt light bulb, you can operate 5 Majestic 22" LED TV's for the same amount of energy and that's one of many reasons why Majestic is a global leader.

About 12 Volt Technology

12 Volt Technology is Australia's best location for all 12 Volt Technology needs. It has an engineering team with over 50 years of combined technical knowledge and it provides a diverse range of 12 Volt products at discounted rates. The company has specifically selected the best known brands within this industry that offer excellent quality. Additionally, the company provides an online comparison for up to 3 items. 12 Volt Technology is a dedicated team that believes mankind could make the world a better place by switching from grid power to 12 volt power.

For more details, please visit http://www.12volttechnology.com.au


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