Evakool TMX35 TMX Travelmate 38 Litre Portable Fridge Freezer - On Sale

Evakool TMX35 TMX Travelmate 38 Litre Portable Fridge Freezer - On Sale

Searching for a compact yet feature packed 12 Volt portable fridge, then look no further. EvaKool has a small 38 Litre portable fridge freezer which is perfect for most your trips. It comes with cool features such as removable basket, dairy compartment, deep design so you can fit standard wine bottles or even 2 litre soft drink bottle. Other great features are WiFi Capability, soft touch electronic controls, heavy duty handles, USB charging outlet, easy to us bung for drainage and even an internal bright LED Light.

The TMX35 TravelMate portable fridge freezer is a great companion for all your boating, four wheel driving and camping adventures. Travelmate incorporates the world renowned Danfoss compressor technology and a highly efficient rollbond evaporator that offers low power draw, quiet and efficient operation and trouble free enjoyment.

Whether you're camping, fishing, having a picnic or relaxing on the beach the Evakool TMX35 TravelMate portable Fridge Freezer is the perfect choice. The TMX35 is an efficient and robust portable compressor fridge or freezer designed to keep your food and drink fresher for longer. Simply choose the temperature between +10 °C and –22 °C to best suit your cooling or freezing needs. Take it with you in the caravan, camping or on the boat, basically anywhere you have access to 12 or 24 V DC or 100–240 V AC.

The TMX35 has been designed with the latest technology.  You are able to easily download the EVAKOOL App from the Google Play or Apple iTunes store.  Once the App is installed you are able to control and monitor your fridge via your Smartphone or tablet.

So when it comes time to buying a portable fridge, look check out the EvaKool range of Travelmate.

Visit our store and get yourself a great deal on EVAKOOL Travelmate fridges www.12volttechnology.com.au

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