Waeco PV100 12 Volt PowerVac Vacuum Cleaner on Sale Now!

Waeco PV100 12 Volt PowerVac Vacuum Cleaner on Sale Now!

When it comes to 12 Volt Appliances, you need to make sure you get something reliable. One of the most needed devices out there is a 12 Volt Vacuum Cleaner, and the Waeco PV100 is perfect for this. The Waeco PV-100 12V Vacuum cleaner is ideal to keep in your car, truck, bus, caravan and even boat just for those times when you need to clean up a small mess.

Dirt sources like leaves, sand and breadcrumbs are a fact of life for every car driver and the owners of mobile homes and caravans are not spared either. But who has the time or the patience to lug out the domestic vacuum cleaner along with the cable drum or drive over to the petrol station day by day?

Here is a quicker and more convenient solution: the Waeco PV100 12 Volt PowerVac Vacuum Cleaner. Nothing escapes its extraordinary cleaning power, even the most clinging dirt won't. Liquids present no problem either for this versatile dry and wet cleaner. Compact and handy, the PowerVac can be easily stored in the vehicle interior, the garage or the storeroom.

The WAECO PV-100 12V PowerVac battery gives 18 minutes of uninterrupted operation which is more than long enough for a small mobile vehicle or vessel.

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