Majestic LED323GS - New 32 12 Volt LED TV Now Available.

Majestic LED323GS - New 32 12 Volt LED TV Now Available.

Looking for a state of the art 32" 12 Volt LED TV for the Boat or RV, then look no further than the Majestic LED323GS latest in technology 32" 12 Volt LED TV with ultra low current. Majestic has been at the forefront in 12 Volt LED TV technology since 2000. Not only were they the first to develop 12 Volt Technology for LED TV's but they are also found around the world with offices in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Now when it comes to features and functions no other company packs it in like what Majestic does. The New LED323GS is developed with both Marine and RV Applications in mind. Lets go through some of the cool features:

Global TV Tuners - Yes that is correct the Majestic TV's have USA And European TV tuners that work in over 150 different countries - no one else can do that.

MMMI - The Majestic Multi Media Interface, and when you see this connected to your phone or Tablet then you know why Majestic are leading in this technology.

ARC - Audio Return Control, which connects to the Fusion Stereo System and they are the only company to do this.

3 Year Warranty - Yes, and they can cover this globally so you know you are in safe hands. (Just for the records Majestic have offered 3 year warranty every since 2000 - now that's confidence in a product).

One Touch Tuning - One Button to scan your TV channels every time you are in a new location - no more messing around with the menu on how to tune it in.

These TV's have many more features, including low power draw, large voltage range and much more.

Visit the Majestic Website for more information:

You can order one today from us right here at and get your self a great deal.

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