CTEK SmartPass 120A on Board Power Management System

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The CTEK SMARTPASS 120 is a fully automatic 120A power management system that prioritises, controls and maximises energy from your alternator to power your service battery. It safely separates your starter and service batteries automatically. It also distributes power between the starter battery, the service battery and on board equipment without the need for traditional diodes or VSR relays. This means that SMARTPASS 120 can make sure that critical functions like starters, radios, emergency lights and communication systems always have the power they need, and take priority over non- critical functions.

SMARTPASS 120 works with any 12V lead acid battery. It can also be used with the CTEK D250SA 20A on board charger for the ultimate 140A power management system. 

SMARTPASS 120 has a Start Assistance function that uses current from your service battery to start your engine when your starter battery is at so you’re back on the road quickly.

If you’re using equipment like winches that need more than 120A, SMARTPASS 120’s Dynamic Overcurrent Protection function can give you outputs of up to 350A for short bursts up to 10 seconds. 

Combine your SMARTPASS 120 with the D250SA for a system that delivers up to 140A to your service batteries while you’re on the move. The combined system can draw its power from the alternator – including smart alternators – as well as solar and wind generated power. The system is optimized for AGM batteries and can deliver a fully automatic 5 step charge to charge, condition and maintain any 12V lead acid battery from 28-800Ah.


  • Fast charging – even on short journeys – using 120A current from the alternator
  • Starts the engine from the service battery when your starter battery is at
  • Prioritizes critical functions so they’re always powered up and working when you need them
  • Automatic energy management in a single, easy to use unit – no need for traditional diodes or VSR relays
  • High temperature protection for added safety

Dimensions (HxWxD)65 x 110 x 192
Display Read OutYes
FeatureWorks with any 12V lead acid battery
FeatureBattery Guard makes sure that critical functions always have power and protects your service battery from total discharge
FeatureCurrent Source priority supplies power to critical equipment directly from the alternator when the engine is running
Inputs11.5–23V, Max 120A (350A temporarily for 10 seconds)
Total Charge OutputMax. 14.4V, 120A (350A temporarily for 10 seconds)
Warranty2 Yrs
Weight0.7 Kg


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