GME TX3100VP UHF Two Way CB Radio Starter Kit

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With GME’s TX3100 Starter Kit, you’ll begin your UHF CB experience with everything you need from the get-go. The TX3100 super compact size and power, combined with its ease of use, makes it a perfect UHF CB radio for all types of users.  Coupled with the AE4018K2 high performance antenna and MB407SS mounting bracket, this Starter Kit is all you’ll need in the one box!

The TX3100 is a super compact addition to the GME 80 channel UHF CB range with innovative 'flip' feature make for easy installation and incorporating the latest Digital Signal Processing technology.

The GME TX3100 UHF CB radio is Australian designed and built and is one of the most advanced UHF Citizen Band radio available. Combining the very latest in electronic hardware with the most up-to-date computer aided design and manufacturing techniques to produce an extremely compact mobile radio with outstanding specifications and performance. The TX3100, with its front mounted controls, is designed for unobtrusive mounting in modern vehicles.

Its innovative features include a built-in loud speaker housed within an extremely compact case.

TX3100DP Features:

Digital Signal Processing: Measures, filters and compresses standard analogue audio signals and converts them into digital format. Allows advanced RF and audio processing techniques to be applied to maximise the radios performance.

Advanced Signal Management: Suppresses unwanted signals on adjacent channels and matches the receiver frequency to the incoming signal. This unique GME feature is critical to optimise performance of 80 channel radios.

Dynamic Volume Control: Automatically compensates for variations in received audio level, this feature provides a constant audio output level greatly enhancing the quality of the reception and simplicity of use.

Unique Display Flip Function: Unit can be mounted with the speaker facing upwards or downwards and the display flipped over using a simple key-press sequence to allow viewing of the display from either mounting orientation.

Adjustable squelch

Programmable scan function


Selectable duplex channels

External speaker socket

TX3100VP UHF Two Way BC Radio Starter Kit inclusions:

  • TX3100DP UHF CB Radio (5 year warranty)
  • AE4018K2 High performance Antenna and cable (12 month warranty)
  • MB407SS Mounting Brakcet (12 month warranty)

AccessoriesMB407SS, AE4018K2, Radio mounting bracket and screw, Microphone, Microphone clip, DC power lead
ColourBlack & Red
Dimensions (HxWxD)23x102x87 mm (TX3100DP)
Feature80 UHF CB
FeatureSimplex channels 1–80 Semi Duplex channels 1–8, 41–48.
FeatureFM Modulation
Power Consumption1.5 amps with 50 Ohms termination
RangeTX frequency range: 403-520MHz
Voltage Min10 volts DC
Voltage Max15 volts DC
Watts OutputRF Output: 5.0 watts max.
Warranty5 years on TX3100DP, 12 months on accessories
Weight158g (TX3100DP)

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