Waeco CFX28 Dometic CFX-28 Portable Fridge Model CFX-28

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The Dometic Waeco CFX28 12 Volt Portable Compressor Fridge is designed for excellent cooling performance in the harshest Australian conditions.  The Dometic CoolFreeze CFX 28 is a powerful cooler for refrigeration or freezing. With its high-performance compressor technology and extra thick insulation, this cooler is impressively quiet and efficient while being able to withstand the most demanding of loads thanks to its robust design. On top of all this, the CFX 28 is remarkably lightweight and easy to transport.

Dometic Waeco CFX-28 12 Volt Portable Fridge Freezer has been designed to suit those that need serious portable storage. The Dometic Waeco CFX28 portable fridge is the perfect size for an extra on-board fridge when on the road or water, perfect for a weekend getaway or great when running the kids around in the family SUV.

The Dometic Waeco CFX28 comes with wire basket and separate crisper which is perfect for the fruit and vegetables. Built for camping and low battery consumption the CFX28 portable fridge has an energy efficient LED interior light and USB port to help charge those portable devices.

With the name change also comes some new features in the construction such as the easy to carry space saving folding and detachable carry handle, whilst being constructed of robust material with reinforced corners.

Along with all the great features of the existing CFX range, the CFX28 has a genuine high performance WAECO compressor with cooling down to -22 Degrees Celsius.

Quality Features:

  • Genuine Waeco compressor with intergrated AC electronics
  • VMSO (Variable Motor Speed Optimisation)
  • 12/24 volts DC & 240 volts AC
  • 3 stage battery protection
  • Energy efficient genuine compressor technology provides fast and efficient cooling and freezing, even in extremely high outside temperatures
  • Rugged features and robust design – made to endure extreme environments
  • Abililty to set temperatures between 10 °C to –18 °C (normal use) with the ability to run at –22 °C up to 50 °C below ambient temperature
  • Designed with the driver in mind, the Polypropylene lid can be opened from the short side, is detachable and the inside shelf is at the back so it's easy to reach in
  • Generous gross capacity of 28.2 l, to fit up to 42 cans and upright 2 l soft drink bottle
  • Store fresh food and drinks effortlessly with removable wire basket with divider 


Dimensions product depth 620 mm
Dimensions product height 425 mm
Dimensions product width 342 mm
Gross volume (DIN15502) 28.00 l
Storage volume - total (DIN15502) - Display 26 l
Net weight 13.10 kg

Dimensions (HxWxD)H425 x W342 x D620
FeatureInput Current 6.5 Amps
FeatureFridge or freezer
FeatureAC/DC operation
Power ConsumptionApprox. 54 watts
Warranty3 Yrs
Weight13.1 kg


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    2.Do you do lay-buys?

    No we Don't Sorry.

    3.Do the CFX waeco fridges come ready to connect to 240 volt mains or do you need to purchase a power supply?

    The Waeco range of CFX fridges do include the 12V/24V DC power Cable and 240V AC power Cable when you purchase them.

    4.I have a 120 Amp Battery how long can I run my fridge for?

    This depends on numerous factors..

    It depends on how hot the environment is and how often the fridge is opened and if the fridge is insulated or not.

                   The hotter it is the more power it will need to keep things cool.

                   If you have an insulating cover this helps keep the fridge cooler

                   The more you open it the more it will need to cool down again.

    But here are some approximate values you can work with:

    Lets use an example a 40W average consumption fridge (CRX50)

    This will draw about 3.3Amp on 12V per hour. (40W Div by 12V = 3.3Amp)

    If you have a 120 Amp Hour battery this means you will have 36 Hours maximum operation (120 Div 3.3).

    If you only wanted to drain about half of the battery - then this is about 17 hours.

    Again these are basic approximate figures, each fridge, installation, amount of use will all change the final outcome.