REDARC Battery Management System 15A BMS1215S

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The REDARC 15A Battery Charger and Management System is designed to charge and maintain auxiliary batteries by incorporating AC, DC and Solar inputs to achieve the optimum charge for your 4WD, Car, Truck, Bus, Caravan, Motorhome or Boat.

The REDARC Battery Management System Battery Charger BMS1215S is designed to offer a complete solution to battery charging and maintenance needs for 4WD, RV and marine applications. 

The unit is designed to charge all of today’s major automotive lead-acid type batteries to their optimal charge level from either mains power (AC), vehicle power (DC) or solar power.

The REDARC 15A Battery Charger and Management System features two charging modes, Touring mode (3 stage), for charging batteries whilst on the move and allows you to draw load on your house battery whilst charging.  Storage mode (5 stage), designed to safely charge the house battery to its optimal charge level whilst your caravan, camper or boat is in storage. 

The system is smart enough to be able to charge a house (auxiliary) battery of a different chemistry type to your vehicle start battery.

The REDARC Battery Management System Battery Charger BMS1215S operates like 5 separate products, it charges an auxiliary battery from the vehicle while on the move, it’s a 240 volt charger, a solar regulator, a battery isolator, all with a remote battery monitor, making it a state of the art DC to DC charger. 

So when it comes to a high quality battery charger with excellent battery maintenance and control the REDARC Battery Management System Battery Charger BMS1215S is your ultimate choice for your 4WD, Car, Truck, Bus, Caravan, Motorhome or Boat.

Remote Battery Monitor

The BMS comes with a stylish Remote Control which offers information such as Battery Time Remaining and Time to Full Charge. The user-friendly graphical display provides useful information allowing you to enjoy your journey without fear of running out of power.


  • Multi Stage AC-DC Battery Charger
  • Multi Stage DC-DC Battery Charger
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking Solar Regulator
  • Battery Monitor
  • Start Battery Isolator
  • Super quiet operation
  • Charges AGM, Gel, Calcium content, VRLA and Standard Lead Acid batteries
  • Tested to mains power safety standards in Australia, New Zealand and Europe

Output System Voltage12VDC
Maximum Charging Voltage16.0V
Output Current Rating (Cont.)15A
Output Power260W
Input Fuse Rating20A
Output Fuse Rating20A
Warranty2 Years
ProtectionShort Circuit, Surge, Reverse Polarity, Overload
Input (Operating) Voltage240VAC / 9 - 32VDC
Length (mm)350
Width (mm)185
Height (mm)79
AC Mains Plug TypeAU, NZ, EU

Battery Charger Amps15A
AccessoriesRemote Control Monitor
ColourDark Grey
Dimensions (HxWxD)79 x 185 x 350mm
Display Read OutYes - LCD
FeatureShort Circuit Protection
FeatureReverse Polarity Protection
FeatureOver Load Protection
Voltage Min9V
Voltage Max32V
Warranty2 Yrs


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