Waeco Portable Battery Pack for Compressor Fridges

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Waeco genuine heavy duty 12 Volt Battery Pack specially designed with a deep cycle battery to give you excellent charge and discharge cycles. This is perfect for those remote locations to help keep the CFX Fridge going for that extra period of time and keep everything cooler.

Features include cigarette and hella style sockets, digital volts display, empty and full LED lights at the press of a button, secure screw connection for your charging lead, + and - charging posts for easy connection to WAECO electronic chargers. The inside features genuine 36 Ah deep-cycle AGM battery cells, thick plates for reserve energy storing with high density active paste material and stronger acid than conventional car batteries for degradation resistance. These features allow for a longer life in deep-cycle applications, allowing you to run your fridge for longer without damaging the battery.

Accessories1.5 M Charging lead
Dimensions (HxWxD)245 x 230 x 227
Display Read OutYes
FeatureSecure Screw Connection Charging Socket
FeatureBattery Condition LED
HDMIBattery Test Button
Warranty1 Yr

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