Lightforce EF140LED4C 140mm LED Enforcer Handheld Cordless 4 Colour Spotlight

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The new and improved 140mm LED Enforcer by Lightforce now with superior light output is the most versatile handheld yet.  The Lightforce Enforcer LED is the perfect light for the outdoor, sporting, hunting, fishing and shooting enthusiast. 

The Lightforce EF140LED4C is the perfect light for the outdoors, sporting, hunting, fishing and shooting enthusiast.  With an IP65 rating and Gore® protective vent for protection from rain and dust, along with its lightweight polycarbornate build, the Enforcer 140 also suits the marine environment.

The Enforcer LED 140 has been created to provide users with a completely flexible cordless lighting option.  The Lightforce EF140LED series does not compromise on performance, producing a beam that is set to impress. 

A new concept for portable lighting, the Fresnel technology, originally developed for use in the construction of lighthouses produces a superior beam for maximum light output and performance. The design allows the assembly of a lens with a large aperture and short focal lengths without the mass volume of material required by a convention design. 

The light beam can be focused from a ‘wide’ pattern to a ‘spot’ pattern simply be rotating the reflector housing, something that has been available across the entire range of Lightforce spotlights. 

On the four colour range, switching between colours can be achieved using a button on the back of the neck only while in colour mode.  The white light can be accessed at any time using the dimmer switch.


The internal battery is located in the light’s handle and is a sealed unit, thus not exposed to dust and water. The battery is a lithium ion type 7.4V, 2Ah, 14.8Wh and when fully charged can provide either 2 or 4 hours at full intensity white, depending on whether the model is a 6W or 3W respectively.

  • After this time, the light will enter a ‘reserve’ mode, which allows a further hour of use at a reduced light output. 
  • Operation of the variable power light at reduced brightness levels saves power and extends battery life
  • The internal battery can be charged using the supplied 100-240V universal AC to 12V DC charger. This is attached to a female port in the rear section of the base. A rubber cap protects this connection. To fully charge the internal battery from flat, approx. 2.5 hours is required.
  • The battery will charge when connected to 12V DC power.
  • When charging the internal battery the built-in LED voltage and charging indicators are shown by the three colour LEDs in the front of the battery housing. These LEDs can give an instant assessment of the lithium ion batteries charge simply by pressing the rubber pad located at the top of the panel.


  • 490 grams
  • IP65 ingress protected 
  • Colour temperature of 4000K
  • 80 CRI (Colour Rendering Index)
  • 4 Colour - White / Red / Amber / Green
  • 3W has 4hr runtime plus up to 1 hour reserve mode @ 25 degrees (at maximum intensity)
  • 6W has 2hr runtime plus up to 1 hour reserve mode @ 25 degrees (at maximum intensity)
  • Maximum charge time being 2.5hrs
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 3 year warranty (excluding internal battery)


  • Li-ion Polymer, 2Ah battery 14.8Wh
  • UN38.3 certification
  • Built in LED charge level and charging indicators


  • Lightforce Ni-MH Enforcer battery (BPEF).  This provides an extended run-time of up to 18.5 hours*
  • Figure 8 flex with alligator clips for direct battery connection (EFAL)

Bulb TypeLED
Lens Size mm140
Accessories1 x 100-240V universal AC to 12V DC power supply, 1 x 2m coil cord with cig and merit lighter plug
Distance in Meter @ 1 Lux334m (6W White)
FeatureLight can be operated while simultaneously being charged
FeatureHigh density LUMILEDS LED
Feature4 colour dimming
Warranty3yrs (excluding internal battery)
Weight490 grams


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