Bushman portable 12V Fridge SC-35-52

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The most versatile 12 Volt Fridge on the market. Looking for something small and compact around 35L, or want to expand it to 52L the Bushman Fridge does this. Why spend money on one fridge that's a fixed size when you can get Bushman have the best of 35L to 52L in one fridge.

Low Lid 35 L Capacity, Height:380mm

Having a height of only 375mm in this configuration the bushman will fit under most ute tarps, hard covers, sedan boots and under many caravan double beds.

The accessory basket when in place allows for standard 375 ml cans to fit under this basket, other items can then be accommodated within the fridge and the accessory basket.

Hi Lid 42 L Capacity, Height: 470mm

A quick trip to the local grog shop was required to come up with the design of the high lid. We wanted a fridge that could accommodate the tallest of wine bottles (750 ml) and 1.25Litre soft drink bottles. It needed also to be practical in terms of loading a variety of items with a means of easy access.

Collar with Low Lid 45 L Capacity, Height:458mm

Although very similar in size as the 42 litre combination, by using the collar and low lid it gives you the ease of opening the fridge if you are restricted for space behind the fridge

Collar with Hi Lid 52 L Capacity, Height: 548mm

When using the extension collar and Hi lid you are then able to create three separate cooling zones. This is achieved by using the three internal stacking baskets and the natural thermals within the fridge.

But wait this fridge does more.

The design of the fridge with thicker insulation all around to prevent temperature loss which further reduces the compressors running time. (35mm Walls and 45mm Bottom).

This gives the fridge excellent ability to run at a low current with the refrigerator set @ -4C with an ambient temperature of +24C the BUSHMAN uses a mere 16amp hours per day.

State-Of-The-Art Digital Thermostat control

This type of thermostat offers (3) three huge advantages over the old fashioned style of mechanical thermostat:

Firstly the LED constantly displays the inside temperature. This gives the user the ability to properly monitor and manage performance without having to open the refrigerator which will result in a loss of temperature. Any loss of temperature means longer run time for the compressor which is consuming valuable energy.

Secondly the digital thermostat allows the user to set the fridge in a range of + 10 C to - 22 C by 1 C increments. A differential of around 2 C either side of the set temperature eliminates compressor hunting. This allows for far more efficient management of that valuable energy.

Finally mechanical thermostats are a type of pressure switch and are therefore sensitive to both cold and heat. This means that as the temperature of the day changes, the setting on the dial or knob may need to be adjusted to be able to maintain a constant temperature inside the cabinet. A digital control does not suffer from this problem. You simply set it and forget it.

Want to keep items frozen but not everything else? Simply place the frozen items in the bottom of the fridge, then dial up -4 C. This will maintain their frozen state but will not freeze the items above. The crisper would be approx. 2 C while the refrigerator would be approx 1 C.


Low Lid 35L, High Lid 42L, Extension 52L, Main & Accessory Basket, 240V Adapter and we include a Free Thermal Insulating Transit Cover.

AccessoriesFlat lid, 7L high Lid, 10L Extension Collar, 4 Heavy Duty Ties Down points, Transit Cover, 3 Storage Baskets, 12V Lead, External 240V Adaptor
Dimensions (HxWxD)380 x 385 x 690 (35L)
Feature-22 Degrees to 10 Degress
FeatureWorks at 30 Degree Angle
FeatureBD35F Compressor
Inputs12V or 24V
Power Consumption2.4 Amps
Warranty3 Yrs - 5Yrs on compressor
Weight22.5 kg


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    2.Do you do lay-buys?

    No we Don't Sorry.

    3.I have a 120 Amp Battery how long can I run my fridge for?

    This depends on numerous factors..

    It depends on how hot the environment is and how often the fridge is opened and if the fridge is insulated or not.

                   The hotter it is the more power it will need to keep things cool.

                   If you have an insulating cover this helps keep the fridge cooler

                   The more you open it the more it will need to cool down again.

    But here are some approximate values you can work with:

    Lets use an example a 40W average consumption fridge (CRX50)

    This will draw about 3.3Amp on 12V per hour. (40W Div by 12V = 3.3Amp)

    If you have a 120 Amp Hour battery this means you will have 36 Hours maximum operation (120 Div 3.3).

    If you only wanted to drain about half of the battery - then this is about 17 hours.

    Again these are basic approximate figures, each fridge, installation, amount of use will all change the final outcome.